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Em A7, C D Em x 2
seen you haunting dancefloors in the finest dives
watched your tears freeze under boulevard lights
sublime lust poured from our eyes
forsaken loneliness -conquered lives

D A E7 , D A E7
born in october, died in july
the child you love, knows more than you'd like

D A E7, D A Em
born in october, died in july
the scene we love, grew more than we'd like

Em A7
Em A7, Em D Am Em
don't judge a (A7)look by its lover
creature hangs (D)on to (Am)hope for (Em)shelter
singing the (A7)songs my pillow (Em)breathes
you're my (A7)mirage, my symmetry

Em. 022 024 0542.. 0476 x577 0799..
Em. 022 024 0542.. 0476 x577 0799.. loop x4

My right to believe
take pride in our dreams

079900 x57700 x47600 c-riff x4
wandered to. gather the words of the. wise
fell like. sand through the arms of a. child

all life embodied by refugee .souls
seek light or .rain, ward seed ‘r .smoke

fire .lies beneath these .eyes
Passion fuels my heart and fight

what fire lies beneath those eyes
born in october, died in july

0220 x32400 x45450 x34200 x4
1 while we. haunt. dancefloors in the. bright
2 drown in our. tears .from laughing all night

starved and raving like a .fearless child
give em your .heart, raise you a .smile

you're my mirage, my .symmetry
Only scene I need is your dance in my .dreams


released December 15, 2016
Christy (vocals)
Sebastian (percussion)
John (strings)

Words and music by John Anzaldo, Jr.



all rights reserved


:: Rouse :: California

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